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FPU Fluorinated Polyurethane WC-2

Product Description

WC-2 is a highly fluorinated Polyurethane/Teflon top coat designed as a thin top coat film which is applied over properly prepared surfaces. It is a two component, solvent based, high solids system offering outstanding performance properties.


During 15 years of extensive US Government R&D, product refinement and technical evaluation, the FPU polymers have produced the following test results. These independent test results are available for inspection:

Corrosion resistance – ASTM B117 Salt Fog – 5000 hours – passed no deterioration, undercutting or pin holing.

Acid corrosion resistance – ASTM B287-62 Acidulated Salt Fog – passed 1500 hours no deterioration.

Chemical Resistance – Resistant to most solvents and chemicals.

Impact Resistance – ASTM D2794 Test passed – passed no cracks or loss of substrate adhesion.

Resistance to UV Radiation – ASTM G53 QUV Test - passed 2000 hours with over 90% gloss retention.

Resistance to Sewage Attack – US Navy sewage immersion test - passed no deterioration.

Resistance to Weathering – Weather-Ometer tests ongoing, currently 17 years with no deterioration.

Resistance to Hot Condensate – US Navy DTNSMDC/SME-85/23 Hot water immersion test passed.

Resistance to Petroleum Product Exposure – NRL Fuel Storage lining test passed.

Non Contaminating – AS4020 1994 Potable Water - Certified for use with potable water.

Military Approvals – Passed and exceeded all US Navy industrial coating specifications.

NRL & Naval Ships Development Centre – Retention of protective qualities in maritime conditions passed and exceeded requirements.

Naval Air Systems Command – MIL – C-81773A/AS – All tests passed.

Surface Temperature limit - 150°C/300°F intermittent dry heat.

Surface Energy – 18 dyn/cm.

Coefficient of Friction – (0.1-0.19) static and (0.04-0.08) kinetic.



WC-2 is applied as a single coat system designed to be applied to a minimum of 50 microns/2 mills DFT over an approved primer system or prepared surface in one coat. Recommendations for approved primer systems, surface preparation, and application can be provided by 21st Century Coatings or its authorised distributors.

FPU coatings are designed for spray application but small areas can be brushed or rolled. For best results an airless unit or HVLP gun is recommended, however conventional spray equipment can be successfully used by applying the coating at between 350/400 Kpa/50-60 Psi in one application, with minimal thinning and passes to achieve the desired wet thickness. FPU Coatings must not be applied to surfaces at ambient temperatures above 35°C/95°F. For optimum application properties, the temperature of the material should be between 10 and 25°C/50 and 80°F, prior to mixing and application.


Mixing ratio 2 to 1 by volume (2 parts base/1 part activator)

THINNING; FUT 103 – Slow Thinners

FUT 130 – Fast Thinners

FUT A – Accelerator

FUT R – Reducer

This two component coating system is supplied in two separate containers. Part A – Base, and Part B – Activator. Prior to mixing, each component should be thoroughly stirred with a broad paddle. Following stirring, mix the contents of Component A and Component B together (or mix per the ratio indicated above or on the can) and agitate lightly, stir gently with a broad paddle for approximately 3 – 5 minutes to ensure the product is thoroughly mixed, and use immediately.

Once mixed the WC-2 is ready to apply. No induction is required, ideally no thinning for application is desired. If thinning is required, use only specified thinners, and thin to a maximum of 10% - 15% by volume.


3 Hours @ 21°C/70°F.

1½ Hours @ 32°C/90°F. However these times may vary with climatic conditions.

This material and its components are moisture sensitive. Any introduction of moisture or water into the material prior to or during mixing or application will shorten the pot life drastically. The product should be kept covered at all times after mixing and during application to prevent contamination and limit moisture absorption.


Dry time at 21°C/70°F ambient air cure.

Tack free: 4-6 Hours.

Hard cure: 24 Hours.

Full cure: 3-5 Days.

Elevated curing: 40°-60°C/90°-128°F for 40 Minutes.


White, and a full range of colours are available, including Federal Standard 595B colours, Australian Standard 2700 colours and virtually any colour can be specifically pigmented to suit client requirements. Due to the matting properties of Teflon gloss and clear finishes are not available

Semi gloss – 60% gloss (note: White & Colours available ex stock)

Matt finish – 20% gloss (note: White & Colours by special order only)


Good surface preparation and cleaning of the substrate is essential to the performance of this coating system. Ensure that all surfaces to be coated are dry, clean and free of all contaminants. If applying directly to non-primed surfaces contact your local 21st Century Coatings Distributor for preparation recommendations.

For old or previously finished surfaces the degree of cleaning required prior to application is dependent upon the condition of the substrate. However on steel substrates a class SA 2.5, SP6 to SP10 blast (near white metal), with a maximum surface profile of 62.5 microns/2.5 mills should be achieved. After cleaning apply one coat of Epoxy Polyamide Primer over welds, corners and crevices, and then apply a full coat of primer over entire area to 75 microns/3 mills DFT. Apply primer to all areas as soon as possible after blasting, but no longer than 8 hours. Check dry film thickness, all areas must have a minimum coating of 75 microns/3mills DFT of primer. Areas with less than 75 microns/3 mills DFT of primer should have an additional coat of primer applied as per the primer recoat instructions to ensure consistent minimum coverage is achieved. Top coat with WC-2 Fluorinated Polyurethane in accordance with the primer recoat instructions to achieve a minimum of 50 microns/2 mills DFT, and a minimum total system thickness of 125 microns/5 mills DFT.


WC-2 exhibits excellent opacity and coverage when spray applied. If applying colours by means other than spray, test opacity over a small section to ensure adequate coverage prior to general application.

Solids content (+/- 2%)  60% by volume – White

Number of coats  One only at 50 microns/2 mills DFT minimum

Coverage (theoretical)  23.63 m2/Lt @ 25 microns DFT – White

786 sq ft per gallon @ 1 mill DFT – White

Coverage (estimated)  25 m2/Lt 50 microns DFT – White (30% loss factor)

275 sq ft per gallon @ 2 mils DFT – White


Hazardous Goods: Paint, Flammable Liquid, UN1263 Class III Hazchem 3YE

Shipping information: 30 Kg/18.25 lbs per Unit incl container – White

VOC content:  335 grams per litre – White

Flash point (Seta flash):  34°C/93°F

Storage – FPU Coatings must be stored and handled in compliance with all current local regulations applying to flammable, or highly flammable liquids. Store in cool, dry, protected storage, well ventilated, between 5°-35°C/40°-95°F and out of direct sunlight, moisture or rain. Maintain unmixed material in sealed containers at all times.

Shelf Life – FPU has a minimum shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture if stored as indicated above, unopened in sealed containers. Ensure both components are consistent in appearance and thickness after stirring, and ensure that the activator (Part B) is clear and transparent before mixing the components together.

Do not use activator which is not visually clear.


This material is for industrial or automotive use only, requires professional equipment and experience for safe handling and is not intended for use by the general public. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are published and available, and it is the responsibility of the applicator to be aware of the information contained therein.

This product is harmful and/or fatal if swallowed. Harmful and/or irritating if material or vapours are absorbed through the skin. Keep away from heat, open flame and sparks. Use necessary safety equipment, including air fed respirators if spraying, non-sparking tools, ladders, shoes, explosion proof electrical equipment meeting National Electrical Standards, etc.

All handling of both parts of FPU coating must be carried out under working conditions which prevent skin contact or inhalation of vapours. For example, wear impervious gloves and goggles in a spray ventilated booth fitted with an effective filtered exhaust system, complying with all local regulations applicable to spray painting. The operator must wear a positive pressure, air supplied full face respirator and gloves while spraying, and until all spray mist has been dispersed. The spray booth area should be isolated from other people while spraying is in progress and until all spray mist has been effectively dispersed. Do not use dust respirators.

Improper use and handling of this product can be hazardous to your health. Consult all regulations concerning occupational health and safety practices with regards to paint coatings. Appropriate safety equipment should be used and ventilation requirements must be carefully observed, especially in confined areas, to prevent the concentration of vapours. Please follow all directions and warnings completely and carefully otherwise do not use this product.