High Performance Coatings              


FPU's low surface energy and non-toxic, inert surface provides an exceptional finish for marine vessels above and below the water line.

FPU's low surface energy and hydrophobicity also reduces drag in the water.

Fouling organisms are not able to puncture the coating and any growth that does occur is easily removed with brushing, high pressure washing or scraping.

Formula 150 Primer

Formula 150 is a high performance epoxy polyamide primer recommended for marine applications above and below the water line. This product can be applied to steel, aluminum, fibreglass, composites and gel coat. This primer meets all VOC requirements and is lead free.


WC-1 is a superior finish for above the water line. It exhibits excellent resistance to UV, abrasion and weathering. The non-skid version (WC-1NS) can also be used on boat decks and walk areas.


WC-15 is designed for in water service. This low surface energy coating is ideal for voids, bilges and any other areas that have regular intrusion of water or other liquids.   While FPU is not an anti-foul, it may be a reasonable alternative on hulls where anti-foul coatings containing copper can not be used.  With regular checking and cleaning any fouling that does occur can be removed with brushing, pressure washing or scraping.   WC-15 can also reduce drag and is suitable for sailboat racing hulls.