High Performance Coatings              


FPU's exceptional resistance to harsh environments, makes it very suitable forapplications in industrial environments.

Structural steel elements exposed to chemical processing fumes, high humidity and salt air are just a few examples of FPU's suitability in the industrial industry.

WC-1 is a versatile highly fluorinated polyurethane that has been tested and applied to structural elements in salt mines, heavy equipment, tank exteriors, concrete floors and walls as well as many other industrial applications.

WC-5 is a modified fluorinated polyurethane which has been applied to numerous tank interiors containing jet fuel. (JP-4 & JP-5) Expected service life as a tank lining is in excess of 15 years.

WC-10 is the most highly fluorinated coating in the FPU series. WC-10 can handle basic and acidic immersion environments. It has been used to line environmental chambers, submarine bilges and engine rooms in large aircraft carriers.

WC-15 is a highly fluorinated polyurethane designed for immersion applications such as waste-water treatment , salt water tanks, fresh water tanks, hydroelectric dams, etc. (see also  Healthshield) .