High Performance Coatings              


The test data provided is a compilation of a number of tests that have been performed by independent labs. Click on each sub-heading to view the actual results found during the testing. Some of the pages may take a few minutes to download the image so please be patient.

  • Salt Spray ASTM B117 - 4775 Hours
  • QUV ASTM D4329 5000+ Hours, ASTM G-53 - 2000 Hours
  • UV Transmission
  • UV absorption
  • Potable Water AS4020 potable water certified.
  • Impact Testing ASTM D2794 - 384 inch-pounds
  • Abrasion Testing - ASTM D4060 Tabor CS-17/500g load
  • Static Friction - ASTM D4518
  • Adhesion - ASTM D4541
  • Pencil Hardness - AS 1580 Method 405.1
  • Ice Release Properties - Zero Degree Cone Test (ZDCT)
  • Thermal Radiant Properties
  • Healthshield - Bacteria killing Efficacy
  • Tests done by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
              (as reported in a Letter from NRL)

Abrasion Resistance

Paint system after 6,000 cycles testing with a CS-17 wheel in a Taber Abraser test to ASTM D 4060, must have less than 30 mg loss.

Moisture Resistance

Paint system must pass 1,000 hours with no change in appearance when tested to ASTDM D 4585.


Paint system must pass 1/4 inch cylindrical (or conical) mandrel bend test to ASTM D 4541.


Paint system must achieve a minimum tensile pull off strength of 500 psi when tested to ASTM D 4541.

Moisture absorption

Paint system must achieve a moisture permeability rate of less than 0.5% when measured by weight.