High Performance Coatings             

Product Descriptions

Fluorinated Polyurethane Topcoats

WC Series (FPU)

The WC series of coatings are inert fluorinated polyurethane (FPU) topcoats
designed for use in a wide range of applications. These coatings are based on a
fluoropolymer resin system developed over two decades of research.

WC-1 Highly Fluorinated Polyurethane Industrial

WC-1 is a highly fluorinated polyurethane topcoat designed as a thin film which is
applied over properly prepared surfaces. It is a two component, solvent based, high solids system offering outstanding performance. WC-1 provides a very high quality finish for protecting ferrous and non-ferrous materials, plastics, composites, masonry, wood and fibreglass.

WC-1 provides exceptional, corrosion, UV, abrasion, weathering,
graffiti and
chemical resistance. WC-1 has been used extensively in
architectural, aerospace, industrial, marine and automotive applications.

WC-1A Fluorinated Acrylic Urethane Architectural

WC-1A is a fast dry fluorinated polyurethane topcoat designed as a thin film which is applied over properly prepared surfaces. WC-1A exhibits excellent weathering characteristics, gloss and color retention with exceptional UV resistance which will provide extended service life in architectural and commercial applications.

WC-1NS Non-Skid

This variant (of WC-1 or 1A) includes a soft, non-cutting, traction enhancing additive providing excellent traction in wet environments.

WC -1XT Abrasion Resistant

This variant (of WC-1 or 1A) includes a ceramic additive providing enhanced abrasion resistance.

WC-2 PTFE Additive

WC-2 is designed for use in industrial environments with easier handling characteristics and lower gloss than WC-1. This product can suspend up to 38% PTFE to improve its release properties.

WC-5 Modified Tank Lining

WC-5 is a thin film coating technology designed for full immersion service in a variety of petro-chemical applications.  WC-5 has an expected service life exceeding 15 years in jet fuel (JP-5) service.

WC-15 Immersion

WC-15 is designed for full immersion service, exterior and interior on marine equipment, pipeline systems, wastewater tanks, and marine hulls. WC-15 has been certified for potable water use in Australia.

WC-HS Series (Bacteria Resistant)

The HS Series is a series of FPU that is bacteria resistant These products help fight off and effectively kill most strains of bacteria on contact.

Primers and Conversion Coatings

EP Series Mil-P-24441/1C Epoxy Primer

The EP Series are two component, high performance Epoxy Polyamide Primers recommended for use as an undercoat for FPU topcoats. It is designed for application to properly prepared or blasted steel, aluminum, or fibreglass and are suitable for interior and exterior surfaces.

These primers are formulated to provide a hard, durable, chemically resistant, non-porous coating for application of subsequent high performance finish coats, such as the FPU line of top-coats. The primer meets all current VOC requirements and is lead free. It also meets the requirements of MIL-P-24441/1C.

Chelate Epoxy Primer  from Griffin Paint Philadelphia

This primer is an advanced chelate epoxy primer with excellent adhesion, toughness and re-coat properties. It is intended for high performance OEM and refinish use wherever maximum adhesion, flexibility, durability, chemical and corrosion resistant properties are required.

Zinc-Rich Epoxy Primer

This primer is a single component, high molecular weight, quick drying modified epoxy primer ontaining zinc. The primer is formulated to provide a single coat protective layer on steel subjected to a corrosive atmosphere. It is also suitable for the repair of other zinc-rich coatings.   Zinc rich epoxy is suitable for the repair of galvanized metal.

Vinyl Etch Primer

Vinyl Etch is primarily for use as a metal treatment to ensure good adhesion for other primers and topcoats over such surfaces as aluminum, zinc or galvanized metal. It is a two component product that is spray applied.