High Performance Coatings              


FPU® is a high performance coating designed to overcoat virtually any surface and make it resistant to corrosion, abrasion, impact, chemical attack and ultra-violet radiation. With its superior adhesion to ferrous and non-ferrous metals, timber, fiberglass, concrete and masonry, this coating provides a superior alternative to more conventional coatings such as epoxy, enamels, vinyl ester, polyester and conventional polyurethane.

Advantages of Fluorinated Polyurethane

Ø Impervious to moisture and oxygen permeation
Ø Superior Adhesion
Ø Self-Priming
Ø Applicable in single multi-pass coat
Ø Resistant to chemical attack
Ø Flexible and free from embrittlement
Ø Impact and Abrasion resistant
Ø Resistant to disbondment forces
Ø Hydrophobic and Oleophobic surface properties
Ø Easily touched up if damaged
Ø Graffiti release properties makes clean up easy

Independent Test Results

Ø Corrosion Resistance - ASTM B117 - 4775 hours passed - no deterioration, undercutting or pinholing
Ø Acid Corrosion Resistance - 1500 hours no deterioration
Ø Chemical Resistance - 1000 hours no deterioration
Ø Impact Resistance - no cracks or loss of substrate adhesion
Ø Resistance to UV Radiation - 2000 hours with over 90% gloss retention
Ø Resistance to Sewage attack - US Navy sewage immersion test - passed
Ø Resistance to Weathering - currently 17 years no deterioration
Ø Resistance to Hot Condensate - US Navy hot water immersion test passed
Ø Resistance to Petroleum Product Exposure - NRL Jet Fuel Storage lining
Ø Non-Contaminating - Potable Water Test - Passed
Ø NRL & Naval Ships Development Center - Retention of protective qualities
Ø Naval Air Systems Command - All test passed
Ø Ice Release Testing - Exceeded requirements