High Performance Coatings              


Many cities today are faced with the constant battle of removing unsightly graffiti from buildings, postal boxes, bridges other surfaces that can be reached by the graffiti artist.

FPU coatings provide for the easy removal of spray paint,
markers, house paint, tar, oil, and , other materials used in graffiti.

WC-1 Fluorinated Urethane

WC-1 is the heavy duty architectural finish in the FPU line. This ambient cured fluorinated polyurethane has the greatest chemical resistance with excellent weathering and UV exposure.

WC-1A Flourinated Acrylic Urethane

WC-1A is the most advanced architectural finish in the FPU line. WC-1A is a fast drying ambient cured fluorinated acrylic polyurethane extraordinary protection against UV fading and weathering.