High Performance Coatings              


Original testing of FPU on the engine hatches of a C-121 Constellation demonstrated, after one year of flight operations, that the fluorinated polyurethane was more readily cleaned than the conventional urethane finish that surrounded it.

FPU's low permeability demonstrated greater protection against corrosion of fasteners used in airplane construction.

High impact values and hardness of the coating results in an improved protection against abrasion and foreign object impact. FPU's proven resistance to UV fading also improves the overall appearance of the finish over its lifecycle.

FPU's chemical resistance has also demonstrated exceptional resistance against attack from hydraulic fluids used in the aerospace industry today.

FPU has been tested as a release coating for airfoils exhibiting excellent bug and dirt removal and good ice release.

FPU's surface enhances the laminar flow over surfaces while it self cleaning properties help retain that enhanced flow.

WC-1 provides an exceptional finish to any plane. High gloss values exceeding 90% and ease of application are two main features of WC-1 as an aerospace finish.

This product is a high solids (62% solids) fluorinated polyurethane that is compatible with current alodyne systems in use today.

Custom corporate colors including metallic finishes are easily matched and coverage is exceptional. Once cured, the coating is extremely resistant to damage from impact and abrasion.